The orbit of my Life #3

The orbit of my Life

The last orbit of my life is read here: The orbit of my Life #2

Monday 29th of June

The first day of the week started off great. I created a vision board training, which I think is very valuable! You can watch on the New Dam instagram page here. I also wrote a lot in my romance draft – which is just a fun project. We also had one of the last school meetings for the school year, which is great!

Tuesday 30th of June

Tuesday, I did my first live in a long while and it was about my yearly wrap-up, monthly TBR & current writing projects updates. I also started Patricia Bright’s course: The Break – I have been really into her Break YouTube channel, all about finances and making smart money moves.

Wednesday 1st of July

I shared my Celine Audrey story online (blogpost coming soon), which is very exciting for me. This day I also wrote for a couple of hours, this time working on my fantasy novel – which was amazing!

Thursday 2nd of July

Thursday I did my last school presentation, which means it’s now officially my summer break! Woop woop. I’ve got a lot of fun projects planned this summer. We also play a lot of Warzone every evening, which has been a lot of fun.

Friday 3rd of July

This day we went out for lunch to celebrate the holidays and me and my boyfriend also watched more of The King on Netflix in the evening. I always love Fridays – they are the fun ending of a work week, but also the beginning of a free and relaxed weekend. They are always so good.

Saturday 4th of July

I’ve started digging up a costume project I worked on before; my Belle dress! I decided to work on it again AND I’m going to be vlogging it, which is very exciting! I always wanted to do this, and now I finally can. There’s also some other new and exciting things I have planned, but I’ll get back to that later this week!

Sunday 5th of July

This day I spent preparing for my vacation and working on some content. I also took the opportunity to lay back and try to relax a little.

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The Orbit of Britt

Hi! I’m Britt and I’m a science student from the Netherlands. The things I love the most in this world are Books, Writing, Personal Development, Spirituality, Traveling & Science. I aspire to be a published author one day – and it would be an absolute dream to become a bestselling one! I long to travel the world all whilst doing what I love (and preferably get paid for it).✨

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