When you’re feeling stuck in life

What to do with your life

Feeling stuck in life?

Sometimes life just doesn’t make any sense – or you feel stuck in life. And everyone’s sole mission in life is making sense of it. What do you want to do with it? What is your passion? When should you pursue these dreams? You want to travel the world, but when?

So many questions, so little brain power. And now that we’re speaking about it – I have been feeling tired. A lot. It’s not because my life is so tiring. It’s just because there are many important choices to be made, and I keep postponing them. Somewhere deep down I know I need to make a decision, for my own peace and happiness. Isn’t that just ironic? I’m postponing a decision about happiness, and the postponing is making me miserable.

I wrote more about this in this instagram post.

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BUT, whilst trying to figure my life out, I’ve got some things that help me throughout this entire process.

What to do with your life

N.1 | Serendipity

You’ve heard about this right? It’s the concept that entails; whilst looking for B, you find A. Okay, that’s a really short explanation. But let me explain. If you’re searching for your life purpose, intensely and in super-focused mode, you’re not going to find the answer you need. So, by taking some time off of that search, do something else instead. Distract yourself. Give yourself some room to breath, and soon you will find yourself answering those questions. This always helps me with everything. I usually come up with ideas and/or answers on the (seemingly) most random moments.

What to do with your life

N.2 | Do what you love

This is such an old concept, maybe even annoyingly used. But you SHOULD do what you love. This doesn’t always mean to follow you passion, because in my case I love planning. It’s not my passion, but I do love doing it. The hard part here, however, is to figure out what you truly love. Sometimes, you’ll be so busy trying to figure this out, that you won’t find it. Think about n.1 – serendipity. Relax, do something else, and you’ll soon find it ;).

Love letter to my double chin

N.3 | Enjoy life & accept yourself

Even your tiny, double chin like mine! Just a small reminder. Accept yourself. If you think that you’ll be happy once you have X or you’re doing X, you’re in for a LONG and disappointing ride. Happiness starts from within. It starts with accepting yourself and doing the things that are true to YOU. When you love yourself and have peace pithing – no matter what happens – than you’ll be content with your life.

What to do with your life

Love yourself. Even if you don’t know where you’ll end up in 10 years. Give yourself a break. AND Trust your journey!

Lots of Love,


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