Fairyloot October 2019 Unboxing

Fairyloot October 2019

Fairyloot October 2019 | Love at first Bite

For everyone who hasn’t seen my unboxing of the Fairyloot October 2019 box, a few weeks ago, here’s an unboxing of the Fairyloot box itself! I think it has been a good amount of time before I posted this, so I won’t spoil anyone who hasn’t gotten the boxes yet. They’ve probably all arrived! Enjoy.

Fairyloot October 2019 Dracula book sleeve

Book Sleeve

This one is from @noverantale! I love the Dracula design, but most of all, I love the color scheme. This book sleeve is of really high quality, and I’m definitely going to use it.

The Beautiful New Orleans by Renee Ahdieh
The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh

The Book

The Book of the October box was “The Beautiful” by Renée Ahdieh. It has been one of my highest anticipated books and I absolutely LOVE the fact that I got a special edition as well as a signed one. I can’t wait to dive into this beauty ;). The artwork on the reverse dust jacket is made by: @merwildandco. It also came with an extra map of New Orleans.

Candle and Bite me Beanie

The Beanie

The Beanie is from @kdpletters. It says “Bite me”, which is right on topic. I really love the look of it, but am not sure whether I will wear it outside the house… I never wear beanies, and well… “Bite me” isn’t exactly the message I want to spread. But it’s super cute nonetheless and will definitely be worn inside.

The Candle

We also received a candle from @themeltinglibrary. I’ve known of their candle shop for quite a while now, but I didn’t have any of their candles. So I’m quite content that I have one now. AND it smells delicious!

Bat enamel pin

Enamel Pin

Then we got an enamel pin designed by @taratjah. Taratjah is Fairyloot’s monthly theme art designer, and she’s also designed this bat pin.

Fairyloot October 2019 coasters and sticker

Sticker + Coasters

The sticker is made by @catarinabookdesigns. It has a twilight quote by Stephanie Meyer on it, and I love that the box had something from Twilight. Twilight was one of the book series that first got me into reading, so those books hold a special place in my heart.

The coaster set was designed by @blanca.design. I’m not living on myself yet, but once I do that, I will definitely bring these coasters with me. They’re so goth – and I kind of dig it.

Fairyloot October 2019 art print

Art Print

The we got this gorgeous art print from @monolimeart. I’ve been following her art for a while now and it’s just so original and mesmerizing. I love that I own one of her art prints now.

Fairyloot October 2019 art print

Artwork on Author letter

Last but not least, we received an author letter with artwork on the back, made by @kat_adara. I followed her as well, so I was already familiar with her style. I’m so lucky to have these art pieces from these amazing artists & they will have an amazing spot in my bookshelves.

Fairyloot October 2019

So, what did you think of the Fairyloot October 2019 box? Let me know in the comments down below.

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