The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Let’s talk about The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The new series made by Netflix was launched as a prequel to the original movie ‘The Dark Crystal’, that’s also on Netflix. And YES, I absolutely loved it (as you might’ve seen in one of my videos)! First of all, a quick synopsis of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance;

As the Gelfling race on the planet Thra wakes up to the fact that their customarily worshiped overlords, the Skeksis, are exploitative, taxing essence-suckers who are destroying their world, three Gelflings—Rian, Brea and Deet—inspire a rebellion after discovering a horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power that threatens their entire planet.

Source; found on Wikipedia, here.

First of all, yes, I am a huge fantasy lover. With that, I would also like to point out that in my opinion, The Dark Crystal; Age of Resistance is not made for non-fantasy lovers. It has a unique take on embodying fantasy, and it’s not something the mass can appreciate as much. This is just based on the reactions of most people around me.

For your information; The Dark Crystal is a puppet-based show. It sounds nothing like it really is – but you’ll have to look for yourself.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

My opinion about The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Really, I thought The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was beautifully made. I got used to their mouths not exactly articulating the words they’re saying. But besides that, I have to say that all of the characters and creatures are so freaking gorgeous! They all had their own character and it was shown through their looks – and voices. And holy shit, look up who recorded the voices for the various characters – you will definitely, 100%, recognize at least one of the voice actors! Game of Thrones and Harry Potter galore – and not to mention our own Caitriona Balfe from Outlander.

I also fell deeply in love with the world and it’s settings. They’re all crafted with so much care to detail, that you can’t do anything BUT love them. I wanted to be there with them, and that’s a HUGE part of world building and story crafting. This is also the part of the series I think the mass would like. It’s visually very pleasing to the eyes.

What I did not like so much

The Skeksis really irritated me from time to time, but I guess that’s their purpose. I’m talking about TDC in my upcoming vlog, but there I said that the Skeksis (who are in fact the bad guys) really get worse throughout the series. In the first episodes your just watching them like, “What the hell are they doing?”, “Gross!”, “Yikes!, “Weird screeching birds.” But later on, you really start to HATE them (in capital, yes). Well, enough said. Just see for yourself.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Should you watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance?

Short answer; YES, oh my god yes!

Longer answer; it depends. If you love (high) Fantasy or can appreciate it, yes, give it a try. It reminded me a bit of the Lord of the Rings world and type of story. Also, the characters are rich in personalities. Some characters that make the series worthwhile on their own; HUP, DEET & AUGHRA. Thank me later :).

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

That’s my honest opinion about The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – and definitely my praise to the series. I will be here for season 2, and you?

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