My holiday in Kos, Greece through photos

Kos, Greece.

Hello everyone! Before I officially get back to blogging/vlogging/whatever I do, I wanted to share these photos of Kos with you, that I took with my phone. I’m trying to be more casual in life and actually wnjoy everything I do, so I’m doing most documenting with my phone. It’s easier that way and it requires less hustle from me.

I’m a major perfectionist, so I ALWAYS try to make everything the best I can, which adds a lot of pressure to everything. As I told in my newest youtube video, the content is about the content – so yeah, that’s what I’m working on. And once I get back into the swing of content-making, I will use my other gear again. But only if I feel good & inspired by it!

So yeah, that’s it.

Lots of Love,


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