Mini Summer Book haul

Mini Summer Book haul

Mini Book haul

This is going to be a really quick post, but I just wanted to share the books I bought in this mini summer book haul!

First I got “Queen of Air & Darkness” by Cassandra Clare. This one was on the top of my wishlist, as I can’t wait to find out what happens to this story.

The other 3 books are from series I haven’t read yet. The first is Kingsbane, which is the sequel to Furyborn. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this series, from many people whose opinions I trust! So, I can’t wait to delve into that series.

The second and third book I got are Sightwitch & Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard, to complement the books I got at Bookcon. I bought the first two books there when I met her, and she signed them. Now, after hearing that it’s her love letter to avatar: the last Airbender, I can’t wait to dive into the Truthwitch series!

Mini Summer Book haul
Mini Summer Book haul
Mini Summer Book haul

This concludes my mini summer book haul! If you want to hear more about the books I’m currently reading, watch my BookTube channel! And tell me about the new books you recently bought.

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